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Imjeim si Luka... tko ste vi?
According to Day, Vedran is sick and avoiding me.  I'll go check on him later.  Apparently he thinks I'm going to nag him.  He needs to grow up and realize that if you're sick the sane thing to do is to seek medical attention and not just avoid anyone who is going to tell you to take it easy and not kill yourself.

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Things haven't exactly gone well the past week or so.  Curtis and some helpers of his (loooong story) attacked the Snow Moon Tavern.  Shots were fired.  Niko tried to protect Lily and nobody was hit except I was shot in the chest but luckily doing okay now.  Miran was born after that, Lily had an abruption after Niko tackled her when the shots started.  He's doing well which is good.

Just trying to heal and get back to CCH on Monday, although Lily and Mikayla don't think it's a good idea. Well, I'll be okay.  I'm healing.. although at the moment I'm rather tired.. lost a lot of blood when I was hit.

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I feel better today.  Things are coming along in ANS, and if TPC wants to be this way.. I'll just stick with this for as long as it seems like the best thing all around.  And what's best for me and my family is most important to me.  Any so-called friends from TPC, who won't speak to me now over crap they can't possibly know or understand in any extent from their standpoint, were never friends to begin with. I have a few good, real friends. Jalena, Day, Mike, Xane, and some others. I have two brothers, a wife I love with all my heart and kids who are the ones I live for.  I don't need TPC to make me feel happy or useful.

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Apparently some stuff made its way, albeit outdate and/or twisted, back to Solitaire and there was no talking to her about it.  I was cursed out, called stupid and a thief.. and told to resign from the Coalition before she had to issue dishonorable discharge.  Months of work and dedication down the drain.  I did everything I could but it was no use, she wouldn't hear me.  I guess I have no choice but to resign and try to move on.  I feel blank inside.. I've lost the involvement in the only organization that really mattered enough to me that I was willing and even told her I was willing to disband ANS to be allowed to stay and make right whatever wrongs I'd committed against her and TPC.  But it wasn't enough.  I just don't know what to do.

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Things have been okay, except for a few people who are really getting on my nerves.  For the most part this week things have been fairly slow.  I even had something about that in my TPC report, that I couldn't find anyone for spars, discussions etc.  I spent a very long time at the Recruiting Establishments and only got two applications out.  I think people are around enjoying the spring weather.

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Day and Vedran caused quite a scene at the Annex last night and I'm hoping that they drop it before it goes out into an all-out prank fest... what Vedran's best at.  I don't really feel like dealing with something like that.

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Things have been fairly quiet, besides dealing with Evelina crying a lot recently  but I had work last night so Lily got to deal with it instead.  Not that things were any more peaceful at the hospital. Several mass traumas after that ice storm. So I guess things haven't been that quiet. Oh well. It could be worse. We're still here.. still alive... things are running smoothly in ANS and fairly smoothly in TPC... I guess that's really all to say right now.  Besides the fact that Day doesn't know the difference between a plastic surgeon and an ER doc.. I can't remove her boobs. Heh. She freaked me out a little on that one, I have to admit. But that's Day for ya.... yeah...

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Something strange is going on with Vedran.  But what else is new? Lily claims to have seen him a couple of places recently and he seemed not himself.  I'm not still sure anythings going on, she worries too much about everything.  But then he didn't show up to CCH the other day and has ignored my phone calls.  Usually a red flag that somethings up, usually that he's off his meds.. except I know for a fact he's not.  I'm starting to feel a little concerned here.

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Josef, on Feb 22, 2007, age 78. Husband to the late Evelina (nee imenavic). Father to Drago (Natalia), Vedran (Mariana), and Luka (Liliana). Grandfather to Nikola, Goran, Shajlia, Riley, Zeljko, Natalie, Irena, Anto, Sarai, Katie, Mikhail, Ethan, Elijah, Bethanie, Christian, Joshua, Jasna, Marko, Mirjana, Joseph, Rozalija, Lijela, and Danijel. Great-grandfather to Aaron, Noah, Beth, Destinie, Evan, Aurora, and Savannah. Died in Zagreb, Croatia, of a heart attack.

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I'm back and in a *much* better mood than I was on that last post.

Well Hal did give me a concussion, but I am better now.

Lily has joined ANS, as have Dmitri and some others. I've also made Colonel in TPC although I was transferred to the Blade.

Curtis is stalking my family and I need to figure out what to do.
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